Interact with AI on Your Terms. Experience Enhanced Privacy, Accessibility, and Personalization with Powerful AI Tools.

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At Evolvyn AI, privacy is fundamental. Our localized language assistants prioritize the protection of user data through stringent privacy measures and encryption protocols. We are committed to upholding high standards to ensure the confidentiality of our users' information.



We constantly aim to improve the localization of our assistants, enabling them to run on a wide range of hardware. Our goal is to ensure accessibility for all users, breaking barriers and providing a seamless experience with our language assistants, regardless of hardware limitations.



We believe that personalization shouldn't be considered a luxury. Our assistants are highly customizable, allowing users to tailor their experience with user information and online service modules. By adapting to individual preferences, our AI technology delivers a unique experience for each user.


Our Products

What Matters to Us

When power meets simplicity. Evolvyn AI aims to deliver seamless functionality and elegant aesthetics across our products for a great user experience.

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What Are We About?

Our Team

Driven by a group of individuals who are passionate about innovation and delivering exceptional user experiences. With a shared vision for pushing the boundaries of AI technology and to deliver greater accessibility, our team consists of tech enthusiasts from diverse backgrounds.

Our Goals

Evolvyn AI is dedicated to revolutionizing technology interaction. Our goals include creating highly personalized and localized AI-powered personal assistants, developing innovative software solutions, and prioritizing intuitive and accessible user experiences.

Personal Assistants

Evolvyn AI redefines personal local assistants (PLAs) with tailored, context-aware assistance. Our PLAs continuously evolve, leveraging natural language processing and machine learning algorithms. They provide an intuitive user experience and personalized assistance, all while keeping your data local.

AI Solutions

Evolvyn AI develops innovative core AI solutions and seamlessly integrates it with our wide range of products. From productivity apps to immersive games, our AI-powered solutions captivate and engage users across multiple platforms to deliver the same great experiences.

Ease of Use

At Evolvyn AI, we prioritize user-friendly design, ensuring our personal assistants, applications, and games are intuitive and seamless to use. We believe technology should enhance lives without adding complexity, providing hassle-free experiences for our users.

Enhanced Accessibility

Our AI solutions cater to diverse hardware capabilities, offering both locally running and cloud-based options. With inclusive design and customizable interfaces, users may effortlessly interact with our AI solutions, fostering a more accessible technological landscape.


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